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PROTEU® has successfully developed a complete hidden air conditioning solution to meet all heating and cooling needs in any type of building, with the possibility of being applied to the floor, ceiling or wall. All these PROTEU® solutions have been technically studied in order to guarantee the quality and reliability in operation as well as the quick installation and the maximum safety for the user. The innovation, in relation to the various equipment of this solution, is continuous, in order to overcome the demanding reality of the market. In spite of the fact that this catalog is targeted at houses already being built, rehabilitated or buildings already built (climate control by ceiling or wall), PROTEU® solutions can also be applied in industrial installations, churches, nursing homes, hotels, health centers, libraries, stoves, etc. PROTEU® heating and cooling systems, with appropriate regulation and 100% renewable energy sources, are the ideal solution for energy saving in new buildings or building rehabilitation. In order to guarantee the complete success of the solution, the intervention of qualified professionals is imperative in its application on site and for this reason PROTEU® offers a series of services to professionals in the sector, such as:

– Conducting technical studies;

– Training in project calculation and installation of systems;

– Technical assistance

– Assistance in the work and after-sales;