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With the approval of the self-consumption diploma, which is a new model of decentralized energy production from renewable energies, it is possible for the producer to consume the energy he produces.

The cost of electricity only tends to rise. Since 2011, electricity has increased by an impressive 32%. Taking into account this constant increase in the cost of energy, it is noted that self consumption is now the best solution to reduce energy bills.

Self consumption consists of the installation of photovoltaic panels that capture solar radiation and that, with the help of some auxiliary equipment, the electric energy produced can be consumed in the installation itself. All this energy produced and consumed represents savings, since it is no longer purchased from the energy marketer with which a power supply contract was signed. Self-consumption will divert the operation of machines such as heat pumps and dishwashers, which work at night for the daytime period, where there will be more energy production from the panels.

The installation of batteries is also possible, and allows the accumulation of energy, which are charged when there is greater production, and then consumed in periods of lesser production.

Self consumption is a safe investment, where profitability is guaranteed by the increasingly high value of energy that the customer stops buying from the network. The size of the facilities and the associated investment can be adequate for consumption. We offer you the trust of a serious and professional partner who will be present throughout the entire life cycle of your investment.