Nilo Gold

wood burning




Thinking about

your Comfort

Nilo Gold is the ideal heating solution for your room. The glass door adds some elagance to the stove, making it an decorative piece. Available in four models with measures appropriate to any project.


ModelNilo Gold 600Nilo Gold 700Nilo Gold 800Nilo Gold 900
Dimensions530 x 600 x 429 mm545 x 700 x 470 mm570 x 800 x 470 mm570 x 900 x 470 mm
Without full frame530 x 600 mm545 x 700 mm570 x 800 mm570 x 900 mm
With full frame617 x 687 mm632 x 787 mm657 x 887 mm657 x 987 mm
Nominal efficiency7,9 kW9,5 kW11,0 kW12,6 kW
Power output11,4 kW14,5 kW19,0 kW25,3 kW
CO media at 13% O20,40%0,39%0,39%0,38%
Max. volume heating237 m3285 m3330 m3378 m3
Wood consuption2,3 Kg (3,3Kg)2,8 Kg (4,3Kg)3,3 Kg (5,7Kg)3,9 Kg (7,8Kg)
chimney diameter150 mm180 mm180 mm200 mm
Wood lenghtup to 400mmup to 500 mmup to 600 mmup to 700 mm
Weight92 Kg119 Kg132 Kg140 Kg
Power (frequency)12W (50/60Hz)12W (50/60Hz)12W (50/60Hz)12W (50/60Hz)